About Us

BBQ Catering Temecula

Elliot was hardly seven years old when he first started taking matters into his own hands. Born and raised by two vegetarian parents and an insatiable taste for meat, he began his journey. He ate over at neighbors and friends houses and came home with stories of BBQ steaks and smoky brisket. He began to experiment in the kitchen, feeding chemistry concoctions to his unsuspecting but pleasantly surprised sister. Adding flavors and spices to literally everything, he quickly fell in love with the freedom and satisfaction he felt in the kitchen.

Born and raised in sunny Temecula California, cooking outside was always an option. The pit master was born. Elliot spent all his time creating rubs and sauces, setting timers for hours, which only the committed smoker knows, and perfecting an art. Feeding his family and friends, supplying the highest quality meals made with passion and love was his new full-time job. We pride ourselves in scratch cooking, homemade rubs and sauces, along with local and organically sourced ingredients. His dedication to the quality and consistency of his craft is easily seen and enjoyably tasted.

Today, along with his beautiful, equally confident and talented wife, this passion has grown into a thriving family business. Gava D’s BBQ is a family owned and operated BBQ Catering Company.

Since 2009, Gava D’s BBQ has been smoking, cooking, and catering, serving any occasion. Specializing in weddings, Gava D’s has quickly become the go to caterer for the Valley. Taking on one of life’s most important events, no detail goes un checked. From the food quality to the level of service, Gava D’s is the whole package. Although the food speaks for itself, the set up and décor compliments in every way offering a tasteful, and warm presentation. Our team can handle any situation that may come up, adapting to the ever-changing demands that come along with hosting an event.

If you are looking for a passionate, professional, full service team that serves up the most mouthwatering BBQ in town, you’ve found it.


We Are Fully Licensed and Insured.